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Direct Vent Gas Fireplace

The direct vent system is a very efficient alternative to adding a gas fireplace or when converting an existing wood burning fireplace.
The two most common types are a direct vent gas fireplace and a direct vent gas fireplace insert.

Direct vent gas fireplaces can easily be added in homes where there is no existing fireplace. Better and improved efficiency, air quality, and eliminating drafts or cold spots when compared to a traditional wood burning fireplace. These are some of the benefits why this type of fireplace would be a great addition to your home.

A direct vent gas fireplace insert is installed using an existing chimney. This option is suitable when converting an existing wood burning fireplace. It as well has better and improved efficiency, maintains air quality, and for most part eliminating the draft associated with a wood burning fireplace.

Both types of direct vent gas fireplaces are safer, more convenient, and cost-effective to operate. Many manufacturer's have developed a backup system that if a power outage happens, the direct vent gas fireplace can be operated without electricity. It has a self-generating millivolt system and regular batteries to power the burner and flame control. Some models require electricity only to power the blower.

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  • Gas Riser Diagrams
  • Whenever considering adding a gas fireplace, a gas riser diagram is the first step to ensure all gas appliances will maintain the required gas supply volume. A gas riser diagram starts with checking the gas meter to confirm the total BTU output it supplies, followed by verifying sizes and length of every gas line to ensure the proper gas volume needed, is available.

  • Gas Supply Lines
  • In order to fuel a gas appliance with gas, gas supply lines are necessary. A gas supply line will supply the gas from the meter to the gas appliance.

  • Direct Vent Gas Fireplace Inserts
  • A direct vent gas fireplace is a gas appliance to provide a source of heat. It is a sealed unit which gets needed air for combustion from outside and expels the exhaust safely to the outside.

  • Mantels
  • A Fireplace Mantel is an ornamental facing around a fireplace or protruding shelf over a fireplace. Many styles and materials available.

  • Fireplace Surrounds
  • A surround is an architectural element which surrounds a fireplace, providing aesthetic and safety benefits. A fireplace with a decorative surrounds makes for a more visually interesting look and becomes the centerpiece of any room.

  • Vented Gas Logs
  • A vented gas log set is an alternative option to create the look of a wood burning fire. It creates the ambiance without the need to maintain the fire.

  • Stone And Tile Work
  • To improve a direct vent gas fireplace, which is mainly for heating, the surround can increase efficiency. Using tiles or stone, for example, will create more heat, as the tiles or stone will absorb heat from the fire and radiate the heat during and after the fire is burning.

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